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Program information

Program Duration

1-4 Weeks

Program Participants

Church Teams (participants ages 14-Adult)

Program Costs

$55/day per person for food, housing and program fees

Get Equipped

What To Expect


This one to four week program combining hands on ministry and classroom teaching is designed to expose US church members to cross-cultural and urban ministry opportunities.

Missions Emphasis (choose one to four topics you would like to emphasize for your group):

  •  World Religions
  • Urban Ministries
  • Social Relief Ministries
  • Reaching South East Asians
  • Cross-Cultural Outreach
  • Introduction to Missions
  • Starting an ESL Program
  •  International Students
  • Reaching Middle Easterners
  • Reaching Immigrants

Practical Ministry Opportunities for the team (may include):

  •  ESL Classes
  • Community Cleaning
  • Tutoring
  • Ministry in Local Churches
  • Back Yard Bible Studies
  • Prayer Walk
  •  Construction Ministry
  • Camping
  • Street Evangelism


Training and ministry experience will take place in the greater Detroit, Michigan area. Our primary ministry location is the city of Hamtramck, MI. Hamtramck is small (2.1sq miles) densely populated (65,000 residents) city in which 26 languages are spoken as a first language. This makes this one of the most internationally diverse cities in the US. Its five major people groups are African Americans, Eastern Europeans, Arabs and Indians (Bangladeshi). Within this small city there are Mosques, a Hindu Temple, an Eastern Orthodox Church and Zen Buddhist garden.


We own two homes (one in Detroit about 25 minutes from our ministry center) and a second duplex home within walking distance of our center. In most circumstances participants will be housed in one of these homes. Those coming for short term-seminars and mission trips can chose to stay in a local hotel if they are willing to pay the extra costs. Interns may be assigned to live in the home of Christian family in the area.

What to Bring

  • Conservative daily clothing and large head-scarf for girls. Jeans for work days. Women’s skirts must be below knee; can wear lose clothing and loose pants. Flip-flops and sandals ok for all.
  • Work clothes and shoes (can be jeans, t-shirts. No shorts for women, longer shorts for men ok).
  • Personal Bible and Journal
  • One camera for the group (only one person will be allowed to photograph due to the conservative nature of the community is certain situations).
  • Sun-tan lotion, personal and emergency medicines

Dress Code

In order that the intern not draw undue attention to him or herself, it is imperative that dress code rules are kept and to show respect to the community in which we are serving. This means modest and neat attire is necessary. It is especially important for women to dress modestly when in public in the neighborhood of the ministry centers you will be serving in. Generally this means no shorts, lower cut dress or short skirts. Even men should refrain from wearing shorts in public.



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