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Program information

Program Duration

2-6 Months

Program Participants

Adults 18 years old and up

Program Costs

$600 per month for housing, and program costs. Food extra.

Get Equipped

What To Expect


Participants will receive cross-cultural teaching, guided reading, one-on-one mentoring and practical ministry experience through forming relationships in the community and volunteering at one of the ministries that we are partnering with. Bible College students may be eligible to earn college credit through the program.

Philosophy of the internship Program is based on LABS

L.A.B.S. is an acronym that stands for: Learn, Adapt, Become and Serve. LABS are unique ministry and training opportunities in cross-cultural and urban ministry uniquely designed for interns.


Participants in LABS will have the opportunity to learn about

  • Asian and Middle Eastern and Cultures and Religions
  • How to share your faith cross-culturally
  • The history of race relations in the inner city
  • Urban poverty and blight
  • A Second language


Participants will learn skills of adapting as they are immersed into cultures different then their own.


Emphasis will be placed upon

  • character
  • ministry
  • knowledge
  • spiritual development


Service/Ministry opportunities will include some or all of the following

  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Home visits
  • Prayer Walks
  • Friendship and Relationship Building in the Community
  • Teach Crafts
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Projects
  • Community Service Projects
  • Administrative Projects
  • Back yard Bible Studies
  • Youth Work
  • Distribution of Humanitarian Aid

Purposes of Program:

To equip, train and motivate individuals to more effectively reach:

  • first and second generation immigrants in the US
  • international students studying in the US
  • unreached peoples in the US and around the world
  • urban centers

The philosophy Training :

The philosophy of this training is based on a dynamic interplay between

  1. Classroom/lecture/Reading: passing on of information
    Participants will receive teaching and guided reading from experienced cross-cultural workers in sharing their faith both cross-culturally and in an urban environment.
  2. Apprenticeship/Mentoring
    Participants will have the opportunity to minister in various cross-cultural and urban ministry contexts under the guidance of experienced cross-cultural workers.
  3. Immersion
    This training will take place in various neighborhoods in and around the greater Detroit area. Students will live in communities where the majority population is recent immigrants (mostly from South East Asia and the Middle East).

Objectives of the Program

  1. Character and Spiritual Development
    Participants will participate in times of group prayer and devotional studies. Experienced ministers will help mentor the participants in their spiritual lives.
  2. Ministry Competency
    Participants will learn and grow in specific ministry skills such as sharing their faith cross-culturally, ministry to the poor, teaching English as a second language, praying for the sick, learning a second language etc
  3. Clarification of Calling and Gifts
    As students are exposed to and minister in various cultural settings and opportunities they will gain a greater clarification of their calling, natural and spiritual giftedness.
  4. Heart for the World
    Students will be exposed and minister to a variety of cultures and sociological communities. Students should go away from this program with a greater burden to see the fulfillment of the Great Commission among both the unreached around the world and in their own communities.

Intern Responsibilities

The intern is expected to:

  • Make a definite contribution to the ministry he or she is assigned to
  • Openly meet people and build relationships-both Staff and community members
  • Study the history and the culture of the community
  • Begin learning a second language
  • Demonstrate a teachable spirit
  • Resolve all conflicts with the staff, fellow interns and community members biblically appropriate manner
  • Complete all given tasks
  • Meet all financial obligations
  • Write a summary paper, before entering the program, of his or her expectations.
  • Write a final analysis of his or her experience at the conclusion of the internship.

Supervision and Instruction

The internship Advisor will:

  • Instruct the Intern on all aspects of the minister in order to prepare the Intern for situations that may arise during the course of the Internship
  • Provide opportunities for the Intern to learn by observation and by direct contact with all aspects of the ministry such as, programs offered to the community, church interactions and experiencing culture and community
  • Meet with the Intern consistently on a weekly or at least bi-weekly basis to encourage, pray with, correct, teach, guide and evaluate the progress of the intern

Ministry and Learning Opportunities/Assignments

Depending on the particular ministry focus of the intern a program can be designed to focus on ministry to:

  • Immigrants from the Middle East
  • Immigrants for South East Asia
  • International Students
  • Urban Poor

Ministry opportunities may be any of the following

  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Home visits
  • Prayer Walks
  • Friendship and Relationship Building in the Community
  • Teach Crafts
  • Hospitality
  • Construction Projects
  • Community Service Projects
  • Administrative Projects
  • Back yard Bible Studies
  • Youth Work
  • Distribution of Humanitarian Aid

College Credit

We will gladly work with the Intern and his or her college in order for the Intern to be able to receive college credit for the Internship. If doing in the Internship for college credit, that Internship fee is to be paid to the program by the second week.


Training and ministry experience will take place in the greater Detroit, Michigan area. Our primary ministry location is the city of Hamtramck, MI. Hamtramck is small (2.1sq miles) densely populated (65,000 residents) city in which 26 languages are spoken as a first language. This makes this one of the most internationally diverse cities in the US. Its five major people groups are African Americans, Eastern Europeans, Arabs and Indians (Bangladeshi). Within this small city there are Mosques, a Hindu Temple, an Eastern Orthodox Church and Zen Buddhist garden.


We own two homes (one in Detroit about 25 minutes from our ministry center) and a second duplex home within walking distance of our center. In most circumstances participants will be housed in one of these homes. Those coming for short term-seminars and mission trips can chose to stay in a local hotel if they are willing to pay the extra costs. Interns may be assigned to live in the home of Christian family in the area.

What to Bring

  • Conservative daily clothing and large head-scarf for girls. Jeans for work days. Women’s skirts must be below knee; can wear lose clothing and loose pants. Flip-flops and sandals ok for all.
  • Work clothes and shoes (can be jeans, t-shirts. No shorts for women, longer shorts for men ok).
  • Personal Bible and Journal
  • One camera for the group (only one person will be allowed to photograph due to the conservative nature of the community is certain situations).
  • Sun-tan lotion, personal and emergency medicines

Dress Code

In order that the intern not draw undue attention to him or herself, it is imperative that dress code rules are kept and to show respect to the community in which we are serving. This means modest and neat attire is necessary. It is especially important for women to dress modestly when in public in the neighborhood of the ministry centers you will be serving in. Generally this means no shorts, lower cut dress or short skirts. Even men should refrain from wearing shorts in public.